Tinx’s Favorite Beauty Products of All Time

Tinx's Favorite Beauty Products of All Time

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go ’round.

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, specifically TikTok, you’re probably familiar with best-selling author and podcast host Tinx. Similarly, if you’re into wellness—especially when it comes to holistically composed, plant-rich nutrition programs—you’ve probably heard of Sakara. But what’s the correlation, you ask? In very exciting news, the two have recently collaborated to bring Sakara customers a little piece of Tinx and her love for Tabasco Green Jalapeño Sauce to your lunch routine. It’s no secret Tinx has held a longtime appreciation for Sakara’s nutritious meals and cult-loved wellness essentials, and this special three-week collaboration highlights Tinx’s favorite things together: the healthy ingredients of Sakara and the zesty flavor of Tabasco Green Jalapeño Sauce. (I was lucky enough to try the salad and can attest to its zippy deliciousness.)

As Tinx wears lots of hats and is back and forth between L.A. and New York, it’s no surprise that the convenience of Sakara’s three- and five-day nutrition programs would be appealing. But for Tinx, the love goes a little deeper and plays into her thought that wellness doesn’t have to be all or nothing, a POV that speaks to Sakara’s iconic “Eat clean, play dirty” tagline. “I have loved Sakara for years—I just completely adore their ethos,” she says. “‘Eat clean, play dirty.’ I think that wellness can be super overwhelming and intimidating for a lot of people, and it was for me. But when I found Sakara, it was like, ‘Okay, here are these incredible women who want to make people feel good from the inside out.’ All of their food tastes so good! There’s no judgment. It’s just do what you can when you can. Fuel your body.”

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