According to Elaine Welteroth, These 2024 Trends Will Be Big

According to Elaine Welteroth, These 2024 Trends Will Be Big

Tell us a bit about your career working in fashion. Where did you get started, and how did you end up where you are today?

I got my start in magazines as an intern, which led to a number of different magazine jobs, from Ebony to Glamour to Teen Vogue, where I eventually worked my way up to becoming editor in chief at 29. It was an incredible time of change for the world, the industry, and the magazine. My team and I focused on evolving Teen Vogue into a platform that tackles social and political issues and really gives voice to youth activists trying to make a change in the world. We managed to do it in an intersectional way that still embraced and celebrated the joy of fashion, beauty, and personal style as forms of self-expression.

I decided to write my book More Than Enough to share lessons I learned along the way with a new generation coming up in a very different world. It’s been really rewarding to build community through a book that explores themes of identity and empowerment, which really connect us all. I have continued my work as an advocate for social change, and I have gone on to work in television on shows like Project Runway, a daily talk show on CBS, and a new show on Hulu called The Conversations Project. It’s been quite a journey! In some ways, I feel like I’m just getting started.

What’s your favorite shopping hack as of late?

Rakuten’s cash-back service is my favorite shopping hack—full stop. Why would you not want to save money while you shop? It’s a no-brainer. 

How would you describe your personal style development?

I dress for my mood, so my style is always evolving. Right now, I like to jokingly say that I am in my Diane Keaton era. I just had a baby a little under a year and a half ago, so I prioritize comfort now more than ever. Day-to-day, I’m very into menswear, loose-fitting dress pants, or baggy denim cargos with oversize blazers. But I usually give it a little bit of a ’90s remix with a crop top to keep it feminine and fun. Since my editor in chief days when I was in the office every day, I have always gravitated toward pieces with a bit of structure—it makes me feel strong and in charge. Whether I’m dressing up or down, I’m mindful of balancing proportions in a way that flatters my body, which is still changing post-baby. I also like to fuse high/low pieces with vintage moments that feel special.  

Below, find the five trends that Welteroth predicts will take over in 2024.

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