Rupert Murdoch, X/Twitter, ‘And Just Like That’ – Deadline

Rupert Murdoch, X/Twitter, ‘And Just Like That’ – Deadline

It was a busy week for Colin Jost and Michael Che as they joked on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” about everything in politics and pop culture.

The big news right now is media and tech companies pulling their ad dollars from X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, after advertisements started appearing next to anti-semitic posts.

“Which is a huge relief because I was definitely worried about where this was going to end up,” Jost quipped.

An image of Jost making a thumbs-up appeared on-screen with the SNL “Weekend Update” anchor smiling gleefully.

Colin Jost on ‘SNL’


Later on in the segment, Jost took on the news that Rupert Murdoch was stepping down as CEO of Fox News parent Fox and News Corp, joking that he passed “the position to his son, Darth Murdoch.” Jost made a reference to the villain Darth Vader of Star Wars.

The Sex and the City spinoff, And Just Like That also got a mention on the late-night show. When talking about a woman in Europe who keyed several parked cars and blamed it on “feeling menopausal,” Jost quipped that “Incidentally, ‘Feeling Menopausal’ was also the working title of And Just Like That.”

U.S. President Joe Biden also received a few jabs from the “Weekend Update” hosts. Jost highlighted the video of Biden calling China’s President Xi a dictator as Secretary of State Antony Blinken didn’t seem too pleased with the POTUS being so blunt about it.

“That’s the same face I make when my uncle starts a story by mentioning the race of the waitress,” Jost quipped.

“It’s actually the same face I made when I first heard Biden said this about LL Cool J,” Jost added before a clip of Biden introducing and butchering the rapper’s name and mentioning LL Cool J’s biceps were bigger than his thighs.

Watch “Weekend Update” in the video posted below.

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