Let’s Talk about Loki Episode 2-3

Let's Talk about Loki Episode 2-3

So, Kang is back.

What’s the least possible thing you’d imagine following that statement?

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Kang appears in a zany episode.

We’ve got a record scratch or two to discuss, so let’s talk about Loki episode 2-3, the one with the spooky Ghost Clock.

Sometime in the 19th Century


(L): Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) in Marvel Studios’ LOKI, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The name of this episode is 1893, and since it’s Loki, that fact all but guarantees that we’ll start in literally any other year in existence.

Sure enough, the actual setting is 1868, where a fugitive Ravonna Renslayer steps out of a time portal and immediately plants her foot in what I hope is mud.

This episode won’t go well for Ravonna in a lot of different ways, starting with the fact that she runs into her not-quite-ex.

Mobius and Judge Renslayer

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Also, an AI clock is bossing her around. Then, the clock grows oddly jealous of Ms. Renslayer.

There’s a lot to unpack here. And perhaps the weirdest part may be that someone develops a crush on Ravonna. It’s not Mobius, either.

That whole “you almost killed me” thing has caused a schism in their not-quite relationship. Her next not-quite relationship won’t go any better, either.

Despite this number, the name of this episode is 1893 in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, we must start in Chicago in…1868? That’s definitely not 1893, and the first person we see, Ravonna Renslayer, recognizes this fact.

The former TVA leader is looking for someone, who turns out to be Miss Minutes, who is hiding in a barn across the street from a home.

Loki and Mobius rock the latest 19th century fashions in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

The orange clock tells Ravonna to “put this package in that window.” We can’t tell what’s in the package, but it’s book shaped.

The person who retrieves the book from the window is a poor boy who is performing what looks like a science experiment. You can guess where this is going.

Miss Minutes and Ravonna plot the future in in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Sure enough, the package is the TVA Official Handbook.

And those hands look like they belong to a young Kang, whom Miss Minutes has just informed Ravonna is dead. Uh-oh.

What Remains of He Who Remains

Miss Minutes has a crush and an ulterior motive in in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

In Episode 2, Loki and Mobius got a hit on Ravonna’s TemPad. After a brief scene that reinforces the peril the TVA faces, that’s where the duo goes.

Well, first they start in 1868 before quickly realizing there’s nothing of note there.

In 1893, this formerly ratty era of Chicago has become a place of dramatic development. In fact, it’s the site of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

The Chicago World's Fair set is rather impressive in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

As Loki and Mobius debate where to start, a newspaper boy mentions a “ghost clock” terrorizing the city. They buy the newspaper.

The picture quickly reveals the identity of Miss Minutes, indicating that they’re in the right place at the right time.

After some Norse mythology jokes that make Loki feel insecure, the duo notices an ad for “Victor Timely’s Astounding Temporal Marvels” at a local theater.

Victor Timely is a marvel in in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

We’re all gonna die.

While Loki doesn’t connect Timely with He Who Remains yet, the two men still recognize they’re in a precarious position when they recognize Ravonna.

Loki refuses to let Mobius confront the woman who hurt his feelings and tried to murder him, which is a shame.

It's a gh-gh-gh-ghost clock in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

I’d like to know which action bothered him more.

Before Ravonna spots them, the lights come down and someone appears on stage. It’s Victor Timely, whom Loki quickly realizes is Kang.

Kang faces the tip of the spear in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Well, Loki has never heard the term Kang any more than he had Victor Timely. I’m gonna keep using it since that’s where all this is going.

At this point, the episode veers into an old-timey sci-fi film wherein Timely proves the adage that science is indistinguishable from magic. Or does he?

Inventor Or Grifter?

Loki and Mobius visit the 1893 Chicago World's Fair in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Victor Timely proceeds to demonstrate an early prototype of the Temporal Loom.

He delivers a delightful piece of dialogue during the presentation, culminating with “Because all science is fiction until it’s FACT!!!”

Then, once the show ends, the inventor triggers a bidding war before selling his prototype to a Robber Baron for $1,000 in cash.

Loki recognizes He Who Remains for the first time in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Importantly, before Victor negotiates a deal, he emphatically states, “I don’t do partners,” which will come into play soon.

Ravonna and Mobius both try to speak with Timely, leading to the woman realizing she’s in the presence of the man she recently tried to kill.

Meanwhile, a Robber Baron who wins the bidding quickly discovers that Timely’s device doesn’t work.

A young boy who later becomes a supervillain simply loves science in in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Soon afterward, someone accuses Timely of selling stretching trousers that don’t work. The inventor eventually admits to Loki that he’s a “luminary.”

That’s a polite way of admitting he’s a con man. And that’s when the swindled Robber Baron appears and chases Timely through the streets of Chicago.

We get the early Hollywood chase music and everything before Timely temporarily escapes his pursuer. But this leaves him trapped in a gondola.

Loki pleads for Sylvie not to kill Kang (again) in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

That’s when Sylvie teleports in and tries to do as she had promised, which is to kill all Kang variants. Now we got ourselves a ballgame.

We’ve got Loki defending Timely from a knife attack by Sylvie. On the ground, Mobius tries to reason with Ravonna, who is SO over him.

They are never ever getting back together again, which is especially sad since they apparently never got together in the first place.

Source: Marvel Studios

Speaking of doomed never-lovers, Sylvie and Loki exchange cross words in front of a terrified, hopelessly trapped Timely.

He’s never gonna get to spend that stolen money, is he?

Hey Jealousy

Sylvie kills Kang

Photo: The Direct

Sylvie ultimately chooses to hurt but not kill Timely, ejecting him from the enclosed space by exploding the windows.

At this point, Ravonna senses her opportunity. She informs Miss Minutes, who she’d hidden in her purse, “It’s your moment.”

Then, a moment of pure comedy occurs when Miss Minutes turns ginormous and starts terrorizing the World’s Fair guests.

Miss Minutes hones her Ghost Clock persona in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

No matter what the animators ever say about this scene, somebody was playing Ms. Pac-Man and thought, “Nothing’s scarier than a giant ghost.”

Well, Miss Minutes turns out to be much scarier when left to her own devices.

I say this because Timely joins Ravonna and the Ghost Clock on a freighter.

Miss Minutes is squarely on Kang's side in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Romance is blossoming between Ravonna and the person who created her job. And Miss Minutes does NOT like it one bit.

Again, the animators have fun with the premise of how a jealous Miss Minutes would appear.

During their discussions, Ravonna informs Timely that he created (will create?) the TVA.

Miss Minutes doesn't like when humans flirt in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Later, the (former) TVA agent flirts with Timely on the boat, much to the clock’s dismay.

Ravonna oversteps when she suggests she’s enjoying their partnership. Remember what Timely said earlier about partnerships?

Yeah, Ravonna wakes up to the sound of a lifeboat splashing into the water. And she’s in it.

Everyone's fighting over Kang in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Timely has chosen Miss Minutes over Ravonna, at least for the moment. What he’s really chosen is bachelorhood and a lack of partners.

The noteworthy parts here are how Miss Minutes is obviously in love with Timely, and Ravonna could probably get there pretty quickly, too.

Well, that was true until Timely dumped her from the boat. Love’s been a little bit hard on Ravonna.

Who’s Prunin’ Who?

Loki pleads for Sylvie not to kill Kang (again) in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Victor abandons Chicago for his real home in a different state, a place with “lower taxes.” Kang is cheap, y’all.

Once the scientist returns to the lab, he activates Miss Minutes, who gushes like a K-Pop fan standing in front of BTS.

Timely reveals his greatest device, “the culmination of my life’s work.”

Sylvie is always wielding a sharp weapon in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

At this point, Timely plans to head for the TVA to save the Sacred Timeline, as it seems like it’s in his best interest.

Miss Minutes delays him and, in the process, reveals her intent. She’s in love with Kang and wants a body so that she can be his partner.

Can you guess what she shouldn’t have said there?

Kang masters the light bulb in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Yup, Timely returns to his lab table and pulls out a device, one that looks familiar. It’s an early prototype of the same one we saw last week.

Timely already possesses the unique He Who Remains TemPad, and he disappears the too-clingy, far-too-jealous Miss Minutes.

Soon afterward, Ravonna enters the lab. She has rowed back to shore and hunted down Timely.

A Robber Baron tries to swindle Kang in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Ms. Renslayer grabs a weapon from the lab, and it’s quickly identifiable. It’s a prototype for the pruning weapons that TVA agents use.

Ravonna is past talking now. She states, “I was entrusted with this mission by He Who Remains, not his variant. So, from now, I’m the one in charge.”

Ravonna Renslayer prepares to prune in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Kang agrees moments before Mobius and Loki enter the lab. Is there anybody in 1893 who doesn’t know where Kang’s secret lab is?

Ravonna and Loki exchange harsh words once again before a new player enters the game.


Meet Victor Timely in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Sylvie also knows where Kang’s lab is because, honestly, who doesn’t?

At this moment, the Loki variant explodes into the room and once again contemplates killing Timely.

This time, the inventor pleads for his life, arguing that he hasn’t done anything.

Loki magic glitters in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Sylvie knows better, as she’s seen the future…and killed it.

Still, against her better judgment, Sylvie allows Loki and Mobius to return Timely to the TVA.

That decision leaves Sylvie alone with Ravonna, who quickly deduces this isn’t the ideal situation for her.

Ravonna and Miss Minutes visit The Citadel at The End of Time in Loki season two episode three.

Image: Marvel

Sylvie confesses that she’s fantasized about killing Ravonna a thousand different ways, but she doesn’t do that now.

Instead, Sylvie punishes Ravonna by giving the former TVA agent exactly what she wants, a seat at The End of Time.

Sylvie kicks Ravonna into a time portal that sends Kang’s ally to the Citadel at The End of Time.

Source: Marvel Studios

Sitting on the throne is the decaying corpse of He Who Remains. It’s been a while since Sylvie ran him through.

A confused Ravonna calls on her former ally by summoning Miss Minutes.

The AI clock appears just in time to finish her final declaration to Timely, “…love you.” It’s pretty brutal.

Source: Marvel Studios

To her credit, Miss Minutes composes herself quickly. The two women converse, and Miss Minutes reveals that she knows a really big secret about Ravonna.

The episode ends with, “I can tell you, but…it’s gonna make you REAL angry.”

Overall, this episode was an A+ from start to finish, and it sets the table for more mysteries to be revealed next week. I can’t wait!


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