Karriss Artingstall believes 2024 is realistic for world title shot | ‘I’m on the right path’ | Boxing News

Karriss Artingstall believes she will be ready to fight for world honours in 2024.

In the Macclesfield fighter’s last bout, Artingstall stopped a former world title challenger when she forced Vanessa Bradford to retire in two rounds.

“Still things to work on but I’m happy to get the job done in that kind of style. She’d been in with some top girls, [is] a former world title challenger,” Artingstall told Sky Sports.

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Karriss Artingstall reflects on her second round win against Vanessa Bradford

“She’s been in with some good girls [like Mikaela Mayer and Alycia Baumgardner] and she’s been the distance with them all, gave a good account of herself. To make her retire in two rounds was obviously satisfying.”

Artingstall secured that result with two one-punch knockdowns as well to assert her dominance.

It shows the level Artingstall can reach. “I think 2024’s realistic for a shot at a world title. I need to get into some sort of title fight now. I’d like a shiny belt. I’d like to get in with some better opposition,” she said.

“There’s loads of fights out there that I’d be more than happy to take.”

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Karriss Artingstall beats Jade Taylor comfortably to move her to 4-0 as a pro.

The Olympic bronze medallist has beaten Skye Nicolson and Raven Chapman in the amateurs, but has made it abundantly clear that she would be happy to box either, or both, in the pros.

Chapman would be an exciting all-British clash. “I can’t tell you exactly how the [amateur] fight went. I obviously outboxed her and got the win. That’s all I remember,” Artingstall said.

“I won unanimously. It was in the ABA semi-finals. We’ve sparred a lot up at GB as well. She knows me and I know her.

“She’s obviously improved, I’ve improved, we’ve changed and adapted into the pro style.”

Artingstall floors Bradford (Photos: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER)

Artingstall added: “If that fight can’t happen for whatever reason, you’ve then got Nina Meinke [a former world title challenger]. I think that fight would be brilliant for the European title. She’s got the experience over me, she’s a good name so I think that would be brilliant for me to have on my resume.

“I can’t fight nobodies and expect to be ready for a world title shot. I need to have questions asked of me against the likes of Raven Chapman, Nina Meinke, Tiara Brown potentially.

“They’re the names that I need to come up against, get the wins over them. That then tells me I’m heading in the right direction. I’m on the right path to knock on the door for a world title.”

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