John Cena On SAG-AFTRA Strike – Deadline

John Cena On SAG-AFTRA Strike – Deadline

John Cena returned to the WWE amid the SAG-AFTRA strike but as talks have resumed between the actors’ guild and the AMPTP, Cena’s time in the wrestling ring might be running out.

During a press conference after WWE Fastlane, the star talked about how detrimental it would be to the people around him if he were to get injured wrestling while continuing his work as an actor.

“I’ve made it clear that you can’t do both because of the liability insurance. If I were to try and juggle both, that’s very selfish because I would put a whole lot of people in the movie business out of work if something were to happen to me,” Cena said.

With the actors on strike, Cena has made appearances at WWE but says that once a deal is settled he would have to leave the ring once again.

“Yes, I stopped a project in the middle of it, I can’t even talk about the project because of the strike, but we’re in the middle of it,” he continued. “As soon as we get back to work, we go back to work. I don’t control any of that. I’m crossing my fingers and I hope we can find a resolve everyone is happy with. For right now, I feel this is the best way I can help. To come back home to my family.”

In September of this year, when Cena made a comeback to the WWE, he talked about his eventual retirement.

“As I said out there in the ring, the last one is not tonight, but I know it’s soon,” he said during an interview. “Every single chance I get to go out there becomes more and more special. There is no denying the fact that I’m 46 and staring down 47. I’ve been here for over two decades. As I said out there in the ring, the last one is not tonight, but I know it’s soon. To speak candidly, when you’re involved in this every day in a full-time capacity, you just think about what’s next.”

Cena has multiple projects lined up which include the second season of Peacemaker at Max.

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