Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is The Cozy Game I Needed This Year

Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game

I graduated from college and started my first adult job this year, and it would be a bald-faced lie to say the transition was anything less than wildly confusing. I was not only leaving the familiarity of the academic environment I’d been in for 18 years but I was also reaching ever-elusive adult freedom. 

But that freedom took me from busy evenings filled with studying and nights out with my friends to… boredom. I wasn’t used to having this much time to myself. There was no homework to be done and no exams to cram for, just free time. So since I was making enough money to finance what for me was a large purchase, and I had newfound free time to enjoy, I took the plunge on a treat that I’d wanted for months: The Nintendo Switch OLED and the latest installment of the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

While the Switch is great and all (I bought this one), what I really fell in love with was Animal Crossing. While the game already proved itself to be a balm to the soul for others during the pandemic, I didn’t realize just how fantastic it was until I played for myself. And if you’re shopping Prime’s Big Deals Day for games this year, you might want to consider Animal Crossing: New Horizons

From soothing instrumentals and friendly Islanders to the incomparable joy that comes from catching a rare bug or fish, Animal Crossing and its wholesome vibes have won me over.

The first night I had the game, I played for about 4 hours. If you’re a regular gamer, that might not seem too intense, but I don’t usually play video games in my free time. So getting me to sit down and engage with a game for that long is an absolute feat, and a testament to the power of Animal Crossing. 

It’s now a part of my nighttime routine to play Animal Crossing for about an hour before I go to sleep. If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a fun treat to give yourself to kick boredom — or if you’re just looking for a wholesome game to add to your rotation — Animal Crossing: New Horizons has my vote. 

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