Alex Mill 15% Off Jumpsuits

Alex Mill 15% Off Jumpsuits

Alex Mill’s “OG 15-second outfit” comes in the form of this vintage-inspired cotton jumpsuit. While I’d say it took me a little longer than 15 seconds to secure the seven hidden front buttons, it took me drastically less time than it normally does to put together an outfit. I immediately looked chic and cool (if I do say so myself) and felt confident to take on the day. I also appreciate the soft, lightweight fabric, which was a welcomed contrast to stiff jumpsuits I’ve worn in the past. Plus, it has four (I repeat, four!) pockets.

I opted for the classic deep black jumpsuit, but this style is also available in a creamy off-white shade as well as several blue and green hues. It also has one of the broader size ranges on-site, available in XXS through XXL. While I typically go for larges (10/12) in bottoms because of my wider hips, I opted for a medium in this jumpsuit because I could tell there was some stretch and it seemed to run slightly large. Apart from the hip measurements, the rest (chest, waist, etc.) were slightly larger than my own, so while I was nervous that it would be snug around my hips, it actually offered a relaxed fit throughout that wasn’t too tight or too baggy anywhere. And this jumpsuit got bonus points for the adjustable tabs at the waist. I wore it on the looser option, but I can make them one notch tighter when I want a super cinched waist. The 26″ inseam was also perfect for my 5’3″ frame, but would offer a cool cropped length if you’re taller.

But don’t just take my word (and adoration) for it. Alex Mill customers have made it a bestseller for a reason. “I don’t know how they’ve done it, but it’s perfect. Comfortable yet pulled together looking, and super flattering,” one reviewer commented. I’ve personally only worn this jumpsuit a couple of times, but another shopper shared that the wrinkle-free fabric “looks like new every time I wear it.” Some have also said they own several Alex Mill jumpsuits and haven’t looked back.

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